Tyruss Irlvan

Magos Biologis Chiruregeon


Wrapped in imperial robes, Tyruss is thin and dusky skinned, what little of it is still visible. An Auto-Injector serves as his left at the end of bionic forearm implant. He is flanked by two mechadendrites and always surrounded by a servoskull.



Screaming so loud, it drowns out the myriad Rune Priests chants as they attempt to sooth the Machine Spirits.


Screaming so long, it is the only sound you’ve ever known.

Screaming, as the Magos Biologis Chiruregeon eagerly chain scalpels through your left arm.

“Suffering is an unrelenting instructor”, the Magos whispers as you pass out from the lack of breath.

This is Tyruss’ first memory. A memory he recalls every time he applies the anointing oils to the plasteel of his bionic arm, the Auto-Injectors now in place of his fingers. The memory of a child born to a Mechanicus forge world.

That instructor led Tyruss on the path to become a Chiruregeon himself, conveying him to the never ending task of removing the as yet to be born from the wombs of the female Tech Priests – ensure that their melding of machine and flesh happens flawlessly as the wise Genetor Council demands. Tyruss distinguished himself in the process of filtering the fetuses — determining which ones would be allowed to develop and which would be cleansed in fire for their mutations — and he was posted to Juno ensure its lack of mutation.

Tyruss Irlvan

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