Hive-Born Outcast Desperado


Ballistic Skill Simple Advance (5) 100 xp.
Agility Simple Advance (
5) 100 xp.
Fellowship Simple Advance (5) 100 xp.
Skill Advance Acrobatics Known 100 xp.
Skill Advance Charm Known 100 xp.
Skill Advance Scrutiny Known 100 xp.
Skill Advance Inquiry Known 100 xp.
Perception Simple Advance (
5) 250 xp.

Spent 950 Remaining 50.


Physical Description:

Tiber Bishop Delsol, as his fellow acolytes know him, is in most ways unremarkable. Perhaps most noticeable at a glance is his wiry frame, standing a bit shy of two meters, he looks to clock in at no more than nine or ten stone. Tiber is of fair complexion with no distinguishing features. While it wouldn’t be said that he is unattractive, calling him handsome would be a stretch. The hiver has a muddled mop of hair dyed multiple colors from patches of a deep brown, to strips of ruddy brown, and even streaky shards of blonde.

Tiber carries himself in a jovial fashion, he is a people person first and foremost. While his physical appearance is not noteworthy; his ability to glad hand a room is something to behold. His voice can carry over crowds, or seem like a whisper only the person he’s addressing can hear. He can strike up a conversation with anyone he comes across and end them just as abruptly, leaving the mark with a feeling of having run into a long lost friend.


Tiber is relatively new to life as an acolyte and still adjusting. He doesn’t talk much about his past with anyone yet, though that seems to be the only thing he won’t talk about. What is clear to his fellow acolytes is that he is from Juno’s own hives. He knows the Inquisitor is responsible for his current circumstances, which at times seems to trouble him.. A broken down servitor, that has become increasingly familiar, showing up at the last moment of his previous life. A lifeline if there ever was one, or so he thought. Seeing the scope of the new world he has been thrown into he’s not quite sure how much of his life he has been living, and how much has played out to someone else’s machinations.


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