Callixtus "Cal" Rosendal

A handsome man of middle height, sharp features, blue eyes, lean figure.


((The following brief is quite easily uncovered by even a relatively cursory search.))

Inquisitorial Brief: Personnel
Jurisdiction: Inquisitor XXXXXREDACTEDXXXXX
Observer: Eisen Inkwurst, Ordos Adeptus Xeno-Arcanist
Acolytus Alicubi Scrutinabus: Callixtus Berengar Rosendal
Familial Heritage: Fourth and youngest son of Duke Hephaestus Rosendal, 33rd Duke of New Dalarna
Birth Planet: Adderoth (ice world)

Recommendation: Recommended with Reservation
Commentary: This recommendation to acolyte status in the Holy Ordos of the subject in question is made with reservation. The concern arises from the homeworld origins and potential predispotion in the familial line to corruption.

In question is not the subject’s early training as house assassin to House Rosendal. The local practice of inter-house “war of assassins” that rules on the ice world Adderoth is a common enough solution to minimize the impact to local economic production of amassing large on-planet military forces. (Not to mention the potential retraining costs a feudal military training can require when transferring such feudally trained conscripts into the Imperial Guard. See commentary in “Force Multipliers: The Economic Impact of Feudal World Conscription and Military Capacity Re-Training” by Adeptus Josiah Sirius.) Rosendal’s training as house assassin is satisfactory and extends beyond the standard feudal world techniques, including advanced capability to employ and manufacture certain substances chymical in nature to aid in the subtle and inconspicuous accomplishment of executive assignments. Also of note is the subject’s skill with the sword. His skill with the sword bears further evaluation. The training alone warrants a recommendation.

The reservation derives from two critical data points: Adderoth and the subject’s recent familial assignment.

On the first point, Adderoth’s relatively obscure position in the Askellon Sector is troubling, particularly in conjunction with the assignment the subject completed which caught the attention of the Ordos Hereticus with jurisdiction for that region of the Askellon Sector. Putting down an unsanctioned psyker is admirable, but one who is blood kin and heir to an allied noble house is troubling. Is there a predisposition in the lineage to this level of corruption? A cursory review of pedigrees back a dozen generations shows two (one male, one female) who exhibited a similar pattern though both were taken by the Black Ships. (Speculation abounds regarding the identity of the female relative on the distaff side who is thought to have become Sanctioned and eventually a highly respected Inquisitor in her own right. Speculation. No conclusive identity analysis was completed or documented tying her to any Inquisitor operating in the Askellon Sector during that era.)

Perhaps the most troubling question is this: why did House Rosendal not seek out the Ordos Hereticus when this scion of their allied House was first discovered to have evoked such corruption? This question bears further investigation.

Recommended with Reservation

Callixtus "Cal" Rosendal

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