Alexia Caeruleum

High-born Adeptus Administratum Sage


Alexia was born to a very wealthy and influential house on Juno, the daughter of a highly respected general. House Caeruleum has a long history of producing politicians and distinguished military officers, and are no strangers to the social and political maneuverings that are required to continue to do so.

While her brothers, cousins and other assorted relations flew the family colors high in pursuit of various positions of authority, Alexia has applied her talents to pulling the strings behind the scenes. Her easy smile and quick wit have made her a society favorite, but her understanding of how to navigate the complicated webs of influence spun between the power structures in the sector is where she truly makes friends for her family. Behind many of her relations public successes, were cocktail party negotiations, back parlor deals, and discreet favor-brokering arranged by Alexia.

The Inquisition recruited the socialite for her expertise in the inner workings and current political climate of the Administratum, the Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Guard, and her network of influence which allows her to use that expertise to open doors and extract favors.

Alexia Caeruleum

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